Making charts with Chart.js

Bar Charts are cool.

Over the last couple of weeks I've been thinking a lot about all of the different types of data streams we create in our day to day lives. There's tons of it and it feels like we aren't always in control of it. Or, if we are in control of the data, we don't always take the time to pull insights from it.

I decided to change that with chart.js and visualize some data I found when I created my online LA Fitness account. My LA Fitness account is linked to my unique ID that's used anytime I check into the gym. I was able to pull that data off the LA Fitness website and into a .csv to count the number of check-ins for each month over the last year.

Here's a bar chart that shows check-ins to the gym by month. I can see check-ins are trending downward so far in 2017 which makes sense. We ended up buying a house in March which is a further distance to the gym. We also started a crossfit membership in April. It also looks like I spent more time out of the gym in November and December around the holidays. This was my first attempt at visualizing data with chart.js but I'm looking forward to finding some more unique data sets to tool around with.

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